Daily wish

Every day I wish to hear
God’s voice
with clarity.

That voice doesn’t come through
as clearly anymore.

No one ever
explains what
it means when you
don’t hear that voice clearly anymore.




  1. sismagoo00

    Dear Melisa,
    I would like to offer you a suggestion, if I may. You said you don’t hear God’s voice as clearly as you used to. Well, there are some reasons why this is so. You might not be as sincere in your prayers as you have been in the past. You might not be making the right choices. It could also be that you aren’t taking the time to listen to God’s answer.
    Let me suggest you read a book that has helped me immensely when I have felt that God doesn’t hear me. It is called “The Book of Mormon.” For more answers, you can go to lds.org.

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